The Connection Cure™ Coach, Ashley Cox,
teaches your audience how to reconnect with their teen daughters.


  3 Keys Even “With It” Mothers Must Unlock to Bond with Their Daughter When Their Daughter Pushes them Away

If your audience members have ever wondered how to get their teen daughter to be more interested in connecting with them than connecting to the wifi, The Connection Cure™ Coach Ashley Cox is the speaker to book to bring in the relief.  In a short time, Ashley will guide your audience from asking “How do I connect with my daughter when she pushes me away?” to “I can do this!”

 During This Inspiring Presentation, Ashley Shares:

  • What to do if your daughter is isolating and the REAL cause behind it (and how to fix it)
  • The counterintuitive secret that will help you reconnect to your daughter so you can help her heal and breakthrough her rollercoaster emotions 
  • The exact strategy to get your daughter focused and back on track  in school 
  • What action steps to take if your daughter is exhibiting things like… slamming doors, self-sabatoge, self injury, and angry outbursts
  • 1 quick and effective way to start connecting with you daughter TODAY
  • And, if there is more to learn, Ashley will share a way to go deeper.


About The Connection Cure Coach™ Ashley Cox:

Ashley Cox is the CEO and Founder of the National Coaching and Training program, The Connection Cure™, where she teaches mothers how to build a stronger bond with their daughter that stands the test of time and teen girls the importance of self love and open communication. She is best known for her popular The Connection Cure™ Program where by following her 5-step process, mothers reconnect with their daughters by understanding the root causes of their daughter’s disconnection and how to build a closer relationship with their 21st century teen. She has eight years of experience working with pre-teens and teens (paid and volunteer), holds Master’s of Teaching Degree, and is a Licensed Educator. She is lives near Austin, Texas on Lake Travis. She loves technology, adolescent psychology and animals.


If you want to book Ashley as your next speaker: 

Ashley is happy to customize her signature topics to excite, engage, and encourage your audience and to suit your meeting format and budget.  She welcomes opportunities to speak for telesummits, at conferences, and via radio and TV or host webinars and workshops.  She is available to travel beyond the Austin area with advance notice.

Speaking Pro Bono: Ashley will accept non-paid speaking requests given that a few simple requirements are met.  Please click the button below.

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