Coach Micah



You’re tired. We get it. You’re struggling with raising a teenage daughter. You need someone to decode and explain your daughter’s behavior and her text lingo.

You don’t want to have to struggle every time you need to communicate with your daughter. You need someone to help you understand her.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Micah Curry, teen girl advisor, and my passion is helping teen girls and their mothers get on the same page, one loving step at a time.

I spent my teenage years struggling with what many teen girls struggle with today: anxiety, self-esteem, and depression. I felt like no one understood me, especially the one person I needed to understand me the most: my mom. Along the way, I learned healthy ways to cope with my stress and repair the relationships in my life. I am excited to help moms and teens bridge the gap.

Through this program, I help mothers understand their teen’s perspective and actually enjoy time with their teen again. I also work with teen girls to help them navigate the rough waters of growing up in our current world.



And in case you’re here to find out more about my NON-coaching life…

(Keep reading…I know the suspense is killing you.)




I’m a 6th generation Austinite, born and raised. I’ve always been a free-spirit and enjoy going against the grain.

I was home-schooled during my high school years, and during that time, I spent quality time with my friends and focused on growing as a person.

I also found my faith, which has greatly molded me into the person I am today.


Although I found my faith at at early age, I struggled with issues such as depression and anxiety for many years– and even self-harmed.

I felt lost for a while and every day was a battle, but since then I have made a full recovery.

I am so grateful to have my life and joy back.

Because of what I went through myself, I have a heart for teen girls.

I have a unique, insider perspective, and I love to show compassion and empathy to others to help them rekindle their life.