Coach Ashley



You’ve got a daughter, but you don’t know where she went. You worry all the time, and you don’t know what is going on. She’s angry. She’s sad. You don’t recognize her anymore. This isn’t HER.

You don’t want to have to worry every time you leave her alone. You need someone to help you help her. That’s exactly what I do!

I’m Ashley Cox, and I help reconnect highly sensitive young women with their family so they can live their best life.

I spent four years teaching, mentoring and advising students and their families at a middle and high school level before switching my focus to serving only highly sensitive young women who struggle to communicate their overwhelming emotions. Using my certification in Developmental Psychology, I created The Connection Cure to provide the best and fastest way to help young women in crisis by reconnecting them with their family and the comfort only family can provide. 

The process is simple: I work with the young woman first to understand her perspective, and then hold group sessions to help her express the root causes her pain her parents and together as a team, we create a plan for a new life.

Through my program The Connection Cure, I give parents and young women super-practical, easy to understand and compassionate guidance so they can reconnect. I will teach you and your daughter useful and simple tools for everyday life.

And if your daughter wants to talk to someone closer in age, Micah, our 18-year-old teen advisor, helps us connect with your daughter as a stepping stone to reconnecting with you. If you want to meet Micah Click Here

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